Tencent Video/WeTv

Tencent Video/WeTv

Basic Details of Network

Network Name Tencent Video/WeTv Country China
Language Mandarin Chinese Network Type TV Channel
Headquater Tencent Binhai Mansion, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Website tencent.com
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TV Series & Drama List Released On This Network

TV Shows Year
Boys Over Flowers 2009
Pinocchio 2014-2015
Beating Again (2015) 2015
Noble Aspirations Season 2 2016-2017
Descendants of the Sun 2016
The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) 2016-2017
Addicted Heroin 2016
When a Snail Falls in Love (2016) 2016
Stand By Me (2016) 2016
Super Star Academy 2016
Love Playlist 2017
I'm Not A Robot 2017-2018
Fight for My Way 2017
A Love So Beautiful (2017) 2017
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 2017-2018
Stand by Me 2 (2017) 2017
Advance Bravely 2017-2018
Love Playlist 2 2017
Familiar Wife (2018) 2018
Our Glamorous Time 2018
100 Days My Prince 2018
A-Teen 2018
Oh! My Emperor: Season Two 2018
Cinderella Chef 2018
Love Playlist 3 2018
Oh! My Emperor: Season One 2018
Here to Heart (2018) 2018
The Dark Lord 2018
No Secrets (2019) 2019
The Untamed 2019
Canvas the Emperor 2019
My Girlfriend Is Alien 2019
A-Teen Season 2 2019
Joy of Life 2019-2020
Put Your Head on My Shoulder 2019
Love Playlist 4 2019
He Is Psychometric 2019
Please Don't Date Him 2020-2021
More Than Friends 2020
Ever Night Season 2 2020
Watsana Rak 2020
Love and Redemption 2020
Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 2020
Heroes In Harm's Way 2020
The Cursed 2020
Liu Lao Gen 3 2020
Watashichi Wa Douka Shiteiru 2020
The Wolf 2020
Awaken (2020) 2020-2021
My Gear and Your Gown 2020
My Engineer 2020
Tale of the Nine Tailed 2020
Trace 2020
Manner of Death 2020-2021
The Gifted: Graduation 2020
Love By Chance 2: A Chance to Love 2020
The Married Life 2020
Go Ahead (2020) 2020
The Flowers Are Blooming 2021
Reset in July 2021
The Devil Judge 2021
Shining Like You 2021
The Dance of the Storm 2021
Peach of Time 2021
Meng Xing Chang An 2021
The Witch's Diner 2021
Call It What You Want 2021
The Player 2021-2022
Love in Twilight 2021
Praomook 2021
Bad Buddy 2021-2022
Lovely Writer 2021
Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 2021
Douluo Continent 2021
Love At Night 2021
New Generation: Because I Have a Home 2021
Miss The Dragon 2021
Nitiman 2021
Falling Into Your Smile 2021
You Are My Hero 2021
Our Times 2022
Call Me Detective Incense 2022
My Girlfriend Is Alien 2 2022
Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 2022
Discovery of Romance 2022
Women Walk the Line 2022
Mafia The Series: Guns and Freaks 2022
Rose In Da House 2022
Return to Nineteen Ninety Three 2022
Under the Skin 2022
2 Moons 3: The Ambassador 2022
Who Stole My Kiss 2022
Defying the Storm (2022) 2022
You're My Sky 2022
Love Me in Three Days 2022
What If (2022) 2022
My Ride 2022
Love for Two Lives 2022
Restart(ed) 2022
Light Chaser Rescue 2022
Zhang Gong Zhu Bu Ke Yi 2022
Strange Folk Tale (2022) 2022
City of Streamer 2022
Stand by Me 3 Extra (2022) 2022
Love Mechanics: Director's Cut 2022
Work From Heart 2022
Affairs of a Drama Queen 2022
Hard Love Mission 2022
Suddenly, I Miss You 2022
Stand by Me 3 (2022) 2022
In the Day We Flipped 2022
Love Mechanics 2022
A Tale of Ylang Ylang 2022
Catch Me Baby 2022
The Grand Canal 2022
Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist (2022) 2022
Reset 2022
Mysterious Tales of Changan 2022
You Light Up My Life Again 2022
Forbidden Love 2022-2023
Kunlun Tomb 2022
Betrayed Love 2022
Till the World Ends 2022
She and Her Perfect Husband 2022
609 Bedtime Story 2022-2023
Bright Future 2022
Between Us 2022-2023
The Oath of Love 2022
Yan Zhi's Romantic Story 2022
Liberation of Shanghai 2022-2023
Thank You, Doctor 2022
Y You Y Me 2022
That's My Candy 2022
I May Love You 2023
Hi Producer 2023
Who's Your Daddy? 2023
Battle Through the Heaven 2023-Running
When a Snail Falls in Love 2023
The Ingenious One 2023
My Charming Villainous Emperor 2023-Running
The Hunting 2023-Running
In Spite of the Strong Wind 2023
An Old Magic 2023
Snow Eagle Lord 2023
The Love You Give Me 2023
Blossoms Shanghai 2023-2024
Walking Through Fire for You 2023
The Legend of Shen Li 2023-Running
Zhe Ge Fan Pai Wo Bu Gan Le 2023
Infernal Affairs 2023
Fall In Love Stockade (2023) 2023
Hua Mei 2023
Yes! Boss 2023
Killing Game 2023
The Longest Promise 2023
A League of Nobleman (2023) 2023
Faithful 2023-Running
What's Wrong with My Princess 2023
A Date With the Future 2023
The Furthest Distance 2023
Lost You Forever 2023
Hilarious Family 2023
Cooking Crush 2023-2024
Thibaan 2023-Running
Exploration Method of Love 2023
Really Miss You 2023
Chase the Truth 2023
Love at Second Sight 2023
Romance Beyond Romance 2023
Wonderland of Love 2023
My Marvellous Fable 2023
The Road to Ordinary 2023
The Legend of Zhuohua 2023
Future Call 2023
Romance of a Twin Flower 2023
My Girls (2023) 2023
Yes, Her Majesty 2023
Where Dreams Begin 2023-Running
Nothing But You (2023) 2023
The Eve 2023
Step by Step 2023
Supervisor Husband 2023
Love Syndrome 2023-Running
Hello Beautiful Life 2023
An Actor's Rhapsody 2023
Once a Youth 2023
Capture Her 2023
Empress Won't Go To Court 2023
Destiny Seeker 2023
Promise in the Summer 2023
Next Stop Your World 2023
Don't Touch My Gang 2023
Royal Rumours (2023) 2023
Hao Shi Cheng Shuang 2023
Sunshine With Me 2023
Ripe Town 2023
The Infiltrator 2023
The Princess New Clothes (2023) 2023
Find Yourself 2023-2024
Love Senior 2023-2024
Only Love You 2023
Chong Zi (2023) 2023
Three-Body (2023) 2023
Meet With Two Souls 2023
Prosecution Elite 2023
Da Nei Mi Tan Zhi Yin Yuan Jie 2023
Internship Detective 2023
Twilight (2023) 2023
My Decoy Bride (2023) 2023
Sweet Games 2023
A Long Way Home 2023
Stand Or Fall 2023
Trick in Love 2023
Bu Ji Jiang Jun Song Wo Qing 2023
Story of Joy 2023-Running
The Shiny Group (2023) 2023
Parallel World (2023) 2023
Miss Fang's Love Secrets (2023) 2023
Crazy Handsome Rich 2023
Insect Totem (2023) 2023
There Will Be Ample Time 2023
Miracle (2023) 2023
The Forbidden Flower 2023
Confess Your Love 2023
Destiny of Dreams 2023
Romantic Sleeping Guide 2023
Shen Yin 2023-2024
Wo Zhi Dao Wo Ai Ni 2023-2024
The Promise (2023) 2023
Qing Qing San Si 2023
Choice Husband 2023
Love on Lo 2023-Running
Fearless Blood 2023
Days with Ambition and Pride 2023
My Lady General 2023
Start Here (2023) 2023
Love Heals 2023
Attack On! Princess 2023
Winter and Lion 2023
Please Fall in Love 2023
The Happy Seven in Changan 2023-2024
Return to Nineteen Ninety Three Season 2 2023-Running
The Long Season 2023
Ode to Joy Season 5 2024
I Saw You in My Dream 2024
The Tale of Rose 2024-Running
See Her Again 2024-Running
Xuan Li Mei Ren Sha 2024
Mackerel Falls in Love with Cat 2024
Pi Jing Zhan Ji De Da Xiao Jie 2024
New Jin Yong Wuxia Universe 2024-Running
Naka De Salon 2024
My Name is Zhao Wu Di 2024
Kiss Me, Save Me 2024
Lost You Forever Season 2 2024-Running
Smile Code 2024-Running
Her Islands 2024
Mr. & Mrs. Chen (2024) 2024-Running
Like A Flowing River 3 2024
Intern in My Heart 2024
As Beautiful As You 2024-Running
Parasites 2024
Frozen Surface 2024
Sword and Fairy 1 2024
1000 Years Old 2024
Teresa Teng 2024
Amidst a Snowstorm of Love 2024-Running
Scout Hero 2024
The Slave to Love 2024
Love and Sword (2024) 2024-Running
Everlasting Longing 2024-Running
Step by Step Love 2024
Sweet Trap 2024-Running
Knock Knock, Boys 2024-Running
Another Me 2024-Running
The Silicon Waves 2024-Running
Wu Qi Zai Shang 2024
Small Police Station 2024-Running
The Truth (2024) 2024-Running
There Is a Lover in My Hometown 2024
Time The Series 2024
Monster Next Door 2024-Running
The Serpent Attack 2024
The Little Red Matchmaker 2024
Have Soft Spot for Her 2024
The Top Speed 2024-Running
Breaking The Shadows 2024-Running
Fry Me to the Moon 2024
Chasing Love 2024
Lovely Detective 2024-Running
Blossom 2024-Running
Princess Nirvana 2024
Angels Fall Sometimes 2024
Joy of Life Season 2 2024-Running
Thousands of Years of Love 2024
Chao Zhan Zhen Ren 2024
Bitter Sweet TBA
Immortality TBA
The Farthest Distance TBA
Hai Tang Xiao Chun Feng TBA
Hai Tang Xiao Chun Feng Part 2 TBA
Winner Is King TBA
We Are a Family TBA
The Sword TBA
Here We Meet Again TBA
Yong An Meng TBA
Feng Shen Zhi Tianqi - God's Revelation TBA
Cyrano Agency TBA
Murderer in 89 TBA
Horse in the Fire TBA
Paladin Legend TBA
Dear One TBA
Solemn Commitment TBA
Got a Crush on You TBA
Spring Banquet TBA
Long Life Long Street TBA
Silk Road Treasure TBA
Nu Te Jing TBA
Hero Legends TBA
Chasing the Light TBA
Reckless TBA
My Spicy Love TBA
Private ShuShan College TBA
Love Has Fireworks TBA
The Prisoner of Beauty TBA
Blooming Days TBA
Light My Way TBA
The Last Cook TBA
Under the Skin Season 2 TBA
The Golden Hairpin TBA
Guardians of the Dafeng TBA
Wo He Hun Yin De Zhan Dou TBA
The Land of Warriors TBA
Yu Jin Zhi Shang TBA
Blemish Flaw TBA
Heroes TBA
Noble Aspirations Season 3 TBA
The Way You Back TBA
The Litchi Road TBA
Give You My Heart TBA
Liu Shui Tiao Tiao TBA
Yong Ye Xing He TBA
Main Character TBA
Fall Into Our Passion TBA
My Girl TBA
Go Back Lover TBA
Open My Journals TBA
Liu Zhou Ji TBA
Xiao Ri Zi TBA
Sword Rose TBA
Chao Gan Mi Gong TBA
Women Must Be Stronger TBA
No Way Back TBA
Growing Pains of Swordsmen TBA
Hi Honey (2023) TBA
In the Moonlight TBA
San Ti: Da Shi TBA
Cicada Girls TBA
Legend of the Female General TBA
Big Biz Duel TBA
Hold a Court Now TBA
Love on the Turquoise Land TBA
Filter TBA
Later, I Laughed TBA
Why Is He Still Single? TBA
Young Babylon TBA
The Silent Storm TBA
The Only One TBA
The Shadow TBA
Liu Guang Yin TBA
Always Home TBA
Rose and Gun TBA
Zombie Brother TBA
Sheng Shi Tian Xia TBA
Blocking the Sky TBA
Ming An Qi Shi Lu Zhi Xuan An TBA
The Great Queen TBA
Chasing the Wind TBA
Into the Heat TBA
Liu Zi Mei TBA
Da Hai Dao TBA
Chinese Peacekeeping Force TBA
Young Again TBA
Genuine Heroes TBA
Joy of Life Season 3 TBA
E Mei Ling TBA
Sarcastic Family TBA
Forever Young TBA
Playing Go TBA
Tibetan Sea Flower TBA
Abyss Dweller TBA
The Beauty TBA

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