More Than Friends

More Than Friends

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Basic Info
Drama Name More Than Friends
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Number of Cases to Go From Friends to Lovers
Country of Origin South Korea Original Language Korean
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 16 Episodes
Release Date September 25, 2020 End Date November 28, 2020
Broadcast Day Friday, Saturday
Watch On Episode Duration 1 hr. 8 minutes
    Genres Drama, Comedy, Life, Romance

    More Than Friends - Drama Synopsis

    The series follows the story of Kyung Woo Yeon, who was as innocent and carefree ten years ago as an eighteen-year-old might be with dreams, ambitions, and a heart ready to love, it was only a matter of time before she fell for someone. And the fall she did for her friend Lee Soo, unable to hold her feelings in her heart, she confesses to him before he leaves and gets friend-zoned. 

    Seven years later, she tries her luck again only to be rejected again. She is determined to get over what she considers this curse of not being able to experience love. One lonely day in Jeju, she declares confidently that she no longer likes him and decided to leave him. He too leaves Korea having a heavy pang in his heart. She had tried every trick to get over this curse that she had, having almost 12 ex-boyfriends. One day, when she finds a guy, Joon Soo who offers to be her test man and help her determine whether the fault lies in her or the men she has dated. 

    Having been traumatized by the divorce of his parents in the past, Lee Soo always stops himself from love and chooses to not start something so that it won't end. After 3 years of leaving Jeju island and his memory of Woo Yeon, Lee Soo comes back to Korea and finds her with another man but this time he hopes to face his feelings and not let his past overshadow him.