Basic Details of Network

Network Name iQiyi Country China
Language Mandarin Chinese Network Type OTT
Headquater Beijing, China and Shanghai, China
  • Gong Yu
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

TV Series & Drama List Released On This Network

TV Shows Year
Healer 2014-2015
The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) 2016-2017
Summer's Desire 2018
Familiar Wife (2018) 2018
Young Blood (2019) 2019
Growing Pain 2019
The Mysterious World 2019
A Little Reunion 2019
Coffee & Vanilla 2019
Perfect and Casual 2020
Flower of Evil 2020
The Married Life 2020
Dinner Mate 2020
Love Is Sweet 2020
Awaken (2020) 2020-2021
Tale of the Nine Tailed 2020
Detective Chinatown 2020
The Truth (2020) 2020
Go Ahead (2020) 2020
At a Distance, Spring Is Green 2021
The Devil Judge 2021
The Dance of the Storm 2021
You Are My Hero 2021
Ace Troops 2021-2022
7 Project 2021
Her Bucket List 2021
Yumi's Cells 2021
Even Sun 2022
Eight Hours 2022
Healing Food, Healing Love 2022
Since I Met U 2022
Under the Skin 2022
The Director Who Buys Me Dinner 2022-2023
Jinxed at First 2022
Double Love 2022
Out with a Bang 2022
Let's Meet Now 2022
Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 2022
Forbidden Love 2022-2023
New Life Begins 2022
My Only 12% 2022
See You Again 2022
The Grand Canal 2022
Shooting Stars 2022
Weak Hero Class 1 2022
Love Between Fairy And Devil 2022
Rewriting Destiny 2022
Women Walk the Line 2022
Thank You, Doctor 2022
Wild Bloom 2022
House of Stars 2023
Nothing But You (2023) 2023
Spy Game 2023-Running
Laws of Attraction 2023
Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023) 2023
Days with Ambition and Pride 2023
Nan Lai Bei Wang 2023-Running
Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong 2023-Running
Love You Seven Times (2023) 2023-Running
Love Is an Accident (2023) 2023
Skip a Beat 2023
Jun and Jun 2023
My Uncanny Destiny 2023
Bon Appetit (2023) 2023
Our Southwest General University 2023
Prosecution Elite 2023
The Science of Falling in Love 2023
Perfect Mismatch 2023
The Lost 11th Floor (2023) 2023
The Trust (2023) 2023
Love Me Like I Do 2023
I Belonged to Your World 2023
Chains of Heart 2023
A Journey To Love 2023
Exclusive Fairytale (2023) 2023
The Mutations 2023-2024
Miss Chun Is a Litigator 2023
Star Struck 2023
Hello Beautiful Life 2023
The Knockout 2023
Echo (2023) 2023
Under the Microscope 2023
Wedding Plan (2023) 2023
Fearless (2023) 2023-Running
Thirteen Years of Dust 2023
To Ship Someone 2023
My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023) 2023-Running
Love Tractor 2023
Beyond the Star 2023
Dead Friend Forever - DFF 2023-2024
Warm on a Cold Night 2023
Never Give Up 2023
Imperfect Victim 2023
Unintentional Love Story 2023
My Universe (2023) 2023-2024
Bionic (2023) 2023-Running
Lie Zui Zhe (2023) 2023
Falling Before Fireworks 2023
Viva Femina 2023
Dinosaur Love (2023) 2023
Man Hunt 2023
The Truth of Scent (2023) 2023
Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Zhu Ye 2023-Running
The Best Friend 2023
Ru He Zai Wu Nao Ba Zong Man Li Jian Nan Qiu Sheng 2023
Start Here (2023) 2023
Absolute Zero 2023-Running
The Emperor's Love 2023-Running
The Comic Bang 2023-Running
Detective Chinatown Season 2 2023-Running
Miss Lucky Go! 2023
The Magical Women 2023
Sticky Club 2023
Miles to Go (2023) 2023
Road Home (2023) 2023
Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan 2023-Running
The Truth II 2023-Running
Low Frequency 2023-Running
Romance with Blind Master 2023
Middleman's Love 2023-Running
Tou De Jiang Jun Ban Ri Xian 2023-Running
For Him 2023-2024
Sunshine With Me 2023
Rising With The Wind 2023
Miracle (2023) 2023
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble 2023
Joy of Life Season 2 2023-Running
You from the Future (2023) 2023
Naughty Babe 2023
Our Ordinary Days (2023) 2023
Just Spoil You 2023
In Spite of the Strong Wind 2023
Bed Friend 2023
Hi Producer 2023
Once a Youth 2023
My Journey to You (2023) 2023
A Breeze of Love 2023-Running
Destined 2023
Story of Kunning Palace 2023
Wanru's Journey 2023
Hello, I'm at Your Service 2023
Best Enemy 2023
Tin Tam Jai 2023
The Ingenious One 2023
Pledge of Allegiance 2023
Choice Husband 2023
Nirvana in Fire Season 3 2024-Running
Golden Journey 2024-Running
Breaking The Shadows 2024-Running
City Of Stars 2024
Small Town Stories 2024
An Ye Yu Li Ming 2024-Running
Chao Xue Lu 2024-Running
Northwards (2024) 2024-Running
White Cat Legend (2024) 2024-Running
The White Olive Tree 2024-Running
For Her 2024-Running
Chinese Paladin Season 4 2024
In the Name of the Brother (2024) 2024-Running
A Lonely Hero’s Journey 2024-Running
Love for Love's Sake 2024
Fighting for Love 2024-Running
Scout Hero 2024
Two Worlds 2024
Romance on the Farm (2024) 2024-Running
The Ghost Town (2024) 2024
City of the City 2024-Running
Jin Wu Cang Fu 2024-Running
Moments of Youth (2024) 2024
Xian Tai You Shu 2024-Running
Jade's Fateful Love 2024-Running
The Legend of Rosy Clouds (2024) 2024-Running
Our Interpreter 2024
Chen Mo De Dai Jia 2024-Running
The Fragments Of Kylin 2024-Running
Trident 2 2024-Running
A Moment But Forever (2024) 2024-Running
Imperfect Us 2024
Like A Flowing River 3 2024
Chasing the Moon 2024-Running
Genius Girlfriend 2025-Running
Emergence in Troubled Times 2025-Running
Lao Qu De Jia 2025-Running
The Great Cao Xuan Xuan TBA
As Husband as Wife TBA
Kong Que Cheng Xia Xiao Qing Yi TBA
Cyrano Agency TBA
Deadly Delicious TBA
Cute Bad Guy TBA
Men in Love TBA
Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 2 TBA
Lang Xing Cheng Shuang TBA
Arrogant TBA
Follow Your Heart TBA
River Sunset TBA
My Spicy Love TBA
Si Hai Yan Ge TBA
Eternal Faith TBA
Kan Bu Jian Ying Zi De Shao Nian TBA
My Wife's Double Life TBA
The King of Light in Zichuan TBA
Qi Yue Xue TBA
Go East TBA
My Special Girl TBA
Swords and Love TBA
Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai TBA
Chang Ling TBA
Huo Guo Lv Shen TBA
Chinese Paladin Season 5 Prequel TBA
Bound At First Sight TBA
My Aletai TBA
Ye Bu Shou TBA
Interlaced Scenes TBA
We Are Young TBA
Life Is Elsewhere TBA
Back for You TBA
The South Bureau TBA
My Story For You TBA
Special Lady TBA
Love and Passion TBA
The Story of Mystics TBA
Tell No One TBA
Crane Notes TBA
Her Fantastic Adventures TBA
Burning Flames TBA
The Demon Hunter's Romance TBA
Created in China TBA
Barbarian Wife TBA
Evil Alone TBA
The Tycoon TBA
Dear Archimedes TBA
Noone Innocent in 19 Years Crime TBA
Women Must Be Stronger TBA
Overseas Security Guard TBA
Ball Lightning TBA
A Soldier's Story TBA
Born to Run TBA
Echo of Her Voice TBA
The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton TBA
Dreamcatcher TBA
Yang Guang Xian Sheng TBA
A Love Never Lost TBA
You Who Embrace the Future TBA
Beneath the Undertow TBA
Guo Bao Yao Shi TBA
Gao Xing TBA
I Am Police TBA
Unnatural Fire TBA
Stealing Time TBA
Night Wanderer TBA
Love of Petals TBA
My Troublesome Honey TBA
The Theory of Original Family or Crime TBA
Chao Yun San TBA
Eight Strange Cases of the Republic TBA
Mu Xing Zhan Dui TBA
Faith & Law TBA
Blocking the Sky TBA
First Love TBA
Love Song in Winter TBA
Ying Huan Zhi Zhi TBA
The Limbo TBA

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