Basic Details of Network

Network Name Youku Country China
Language Mandarin Chinese Network Type TV Channel
Headquater Sinosteel Plaza in Haidian District, Beijing
  • Victor Koo
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

TV Series & Drama List Released On This Network

TV Shows Year
Liu Lao Gen 2002
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 2017-2018
Bloody Romance (2018) 2018
Growing Pain 2019
Novoland: Eagle Flag 2019
The Remedy 2019
Liu Lao Gen 3 2020
Love and Redemption 2020
Love is All 2020
The Journey Across the Night 2020
Heroes In Harm's Way 2020
Insect Detective 2020
The Wolf 2020
Word of Honor 2021
Twelve Legends 2021
Be Yourself (2021) 2021
The Psychologist 2021
The Dance of the Storm 2021
Truth or Dare 2021
New Generation: Because I Have a Home 2021
Weaving a Tale of Love (2021) 2021
Liu Lao Gen 4 2021
You Are My Hero 2021
The Flaming Heart 2021
Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 2021
To Be a Brave One (2022) 2022
Zhao Jia Di 2022
Assistant of Superstar (2022) 2022
Our Times 2022
Treasure of Destiny 2022
Shining Just For You 2022
The Grand Canal 2022
From Repair to Pair 2022
Love in Flames of War 2022
Thank You, Doctor 2022
Believe in Love 2022
Mission Run 2022-2023
The Imperial Age 2022
Ms. Cupid in Love 2022
Liu Lao Gen 5 2022-2023
Being a Hero 2022
The Murder in Kairoutei 2022
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 2022
Lighter & Princess 2022
Liberation of Shanghai 2022-2023
Because of Love (2022) 2022
Hua Mei 2023-Running
Derailment 2023-Running
Justice in the Dark 2023
The Best Chip 2023
Be Your Own Light 2023
The Legend of Yan Shan and Bai Hua 2023
Merit (2023) 2023
When I Fly Towards You 2023
All the Way to the Sun (2023) 2023
Speakers of Law (2023) 2023
Catch Up My Prince 2023
The Last Princess 2023
My Dearest (2023) 2023
Love Is Full of Jiudaowan 2023
Narcotics Heroes 2023
You Can't Catch Me 2023-Running
Turn on the Right Way to Life (2023) 2023
The Way You Shine 2023
The Outsider 2023
Hidden Love 2023
Days with Ambition and Pride 2023
Ally Tian Cheng Wonderful Accident 2023-Running
Stay With Me 2023
Love is Panacea 2023-Running
Back From The Brink 2023
My Everlasting Bride 2023
Wonderful Hand 2023
Gone with the Rain (2023) 2023
The Invisibles 2023
Just Because Your Heart Knows My Heart 2023
Secret Door 2023
The Spectator 2023
Welcome to Milele Village 2023-Running
Great Is the Youth Time 2023
Romantic (2023) 2023
Treasure of Destiny 2023
Our Southwest General University 2023
South Wind Knows My Mood 2023
The Brightest of Us 2023
101 Marriages (2023) 2023
Till the End of the Moon: Part 1 2023
Anti-Corruption Storm 2023
Weaving a Tale of Love Season 2 (2023) 2023
Find Yourself 2023-2024
Lost in Baimu 2023
I Am Nobody (2023) 2023
Winter and Lion 2023
Ray of Light 2023
Legend of Anle 2023-Running
Blooming 2023
O, Wo De Chong Fei Da Ren 2023
The Hope 2023-Running
Unexpected Falling 2023-2022
The Starry Love (2023) 2023-Running
Wrong Carriage, Right Groom 2023-Running
The Justice (2023) 2023
Go Princess Go Season 2 2023
Wow! Your Little Temper 2023
As Long As We Are Together 2023
The Scent Of Time 2023
Wenderella's Diary 2023
Fish Show You 2023
Wu Yu Lun Bi De Ta 2024
Invisible Engine 2024-Running
Silk-washing Stream 2024-Running
Different Princess 2024
The Legend of Jewelry 2024-Running
Jiao Yue Liu Huo 2024
The Guardians (2024) 2024-Running
The Divine Healer 2024
Pegasus 2024-Running
In Between (2024) 2024-Running
In Blossom 2024
She Must 2024-Running
My Boss 2024
Indulgence 2024
Love Conspiracy 2024-Running
Judge Di's Mystery 2024
Heir to the Throne 2024
Falling in Love 2024
Guess Who I Am 2024
False Face And True Feelings 2024
Sea of Dreams 2024-Running
Fei Yang De Qing Chun 2024-Running
Scout Hero 2024
Stories of Youth and Love 2024
Yue Shang Dong Gong 2024
Land of Dreams 2024
Unknown 2024
I Am Nobody Season 2 2025-Running
Xiu Hua Xie TBA
Love Under the Floral Rain TBA
Destined Wink TBA
Retro Detective TBA
Mr. Cat In The Bungalow TBA
Till the End of the Moon: Part 2 TBA
Player TBA
Pinocchio TBA
The Assassin TBA
You Are My Eternal Star TBA
Hero Is Back TBA
Poseidon's Lover TBA
Book of Death TBA
Duo Xi Yi Jia Ren TBA
Shei Zai Shi Jian De Bi An TBA
My Spicy Love TBA
Don't Be Fooled TBA
Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng TBA
Guardians of the Lands TBA
Xian Yu TBA
Battle of Shang Gan Ling TBA
The Legend of Taotie TBA
The First Shot TBA
My Talent Neighbour TBA
Regeneration TBA
Hello, Model TBA
Rebel TBA
Female Police Captain TBA
Qing Ming Shang He Tu Mi Ma TBA
The Journey Across the Night 2 TBA
The Legend of Ba Qing TBA
Ban Ri Cang Sang Ban Ri Mei Ren TBA
Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng Season 2 TBA
The Legend of Sealed Book TBA
Secret Love TBA
Yin Man Zhi Shi TBA
Dear Archimedes TBA
Tian Shu Li Ming TBA
Tang Xiao Shan Gan Kao Ji TBA
Shen Tou Qiao Wang Fei TBA
The Game of Blazing Love TBA
Mo Ran TBA
Enforcement Department TBA
Brave New World TBA
Hei Ye Gao Bai TBA
Kill Me Love Me TBA
Phoenix Stage TBA
Five Kings of Thieves TBA
The Princess Royal TBA
The Sweet House TBA
Wo Zai Jiu You Deng Ni TBA
The Great Pei TBA
Surgery Live Room TBA
Insect Detective 2 TBA
An Eternal Thought TBA
Zhao Jia Di Season 2 TBA
Crackdown Crime TBA
Tientsin Mystic TBA
Kill My Sins TBA
Abyss Walker TBA
Genuine Heroes TBA
Zang Hai Zhuan TBA

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