Find Yourself

Find Yourself

Drama Release Date, Time, and Networks

Basic Info
Drama Name Find Yourself
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Ha Rak Duai Jai Thoe, Find Love with Your Heart
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 16 Episodes
Release Date December 18, 2023 End Date February 13, 2024
Broadcast Day Monday, Tuesday
Watch On Episode Duration 50 minutes
Genres Drama, Business, Life, Romance

Find Yourself, Release Date

Find Yourself (also known the other names such as Find Love with Your Heart, Ha Rak Duai Jai Thoe) is a romantic Thai version created by GMMTV, The One Enterprise, and Insight Technology that was officially released on GMM 25 in Thailand and GMMTV's official YouTube channel for international audiences with English subtitles.

Find Yourself, Production Companies

More than two production companies have produced the drama "Find Yourself" Thai versions of the television drama series including GMMTV, The One Enterprise, and Insight Technology.

Find Yourself, Creators & Based On

About "Find Yourself" television series creators by multiple creators who give their creative effort to make it perfect but right now have only very little information about it such as it is based on the original story of a Chinese drama.

Screenwriters & Directors

Find Yourself Thai version television drama series is directed by Petch Varayu Ruksku and produced by Khets Thunthup.

Find Yourself, Drama Genres

Find Yourself Thai drama series has been made with multiple genres and twists such as Romance, Drama, Business, Workplace, Life, Workplace Romance, Older Female & Younger Men, and Boss-Employee Relationships. It has multiple couple's stories as well.

Watch With English Subtitles

Mostly, All television series and dramas are released with English subtitles which are presented by GMMTV. So, Maybe it will also be released with English subtitles at the same time when it was originally released.

Summary & Synopsis of Find Yourself Drama

The love story between a working woman and a younger man, who is an intern at her company) and this is the Thai version of a Chinese drama with the same name (Find Yourself) and the same love story between three people.

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