Step by Step

Step by Step

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Basic Info
Drama Name Step by Step
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As ค่อย ๆ รัก, Gradually Love, Khoi Khoi Rak
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date April 18, 2023 End Date July 05, 2023
Broadcast Day Tuesday
Watch On Episode Duration 45 minutes
    Genres Drama, Romance, LGBTQ, Age Gap
    Drama Creators
    • Tee Sintanaparadee
    • Ekarin Mungmee
    • Pan Phanita
    • Pawich Amnajkasem
    • Picharn Wimolchaiyaporn
    Music & Theme
    • ...

    Story Plot & Synopsis, Step by Step

    Originally, It is an adaption of the "Khoi Khoi Rak" novel, following a sweet love story between Jeng and Pat. Before coming to work in Thailand as a new member of the team, Pat studied in the United States of America.

    In other ways, Jeng secretly develops feelings for Pat but because of his position, he has to be particularly strict and picky with Pat. It comes to a point when Pat decides to submit his resignation.