Basic Details of Network

Network Name ViuTV Country Hong Kong
Language English Network Type TV Channel
Headquater Hong Kong
  • Unknown
  • HK Television Entertainment (2016-Present)
  • Unknown

Popularities Of ViuTV

ViuTV is the second largest streaming service in Southeast Asia by paid subscribers, ranking between Disney+ and Netflix. The boy band Mirror became prominent following ViuTV's talent show King Maker. In 2020, ViuTV had a reach of four million audiences.

TV Series & Drama List Released On This Network

TV Shows Year
Warriors Within (2020) 2020
Voice in The Rain 2020-2021
Leap Day 2020
River Where the Moon Rises 2021
Doom at Your Service (2021) 2021
My Coach 2022
Tell Me Your Wish 2022
Real Fake 2022-Running
K-Love 2022-2023
Because You're My First Love 2023-2024
Killing Procedures 2023
Sparks 2023
The Jungle 2023-Running
Return Man 2023
The Write One 2023-Running
Double Savage 2023
A Perfect Gentleman 2023
Club Friday Season 15: Rak Thoe Mai Mi Wan Tai 2023
Midnight Museum 2023
Love Before Sunrise 2023-Running
A Boss and A Babe 2023-Running
Left on Read 2023
Club Friday Season 15: Deepest Love 2023
Loneliness Society 2023
A Business Proposal (2023) 2023
Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) 2023
Legal Affair 2023-2024
Cherry Magic 2023-2024
Find Yourself 2023-2024
Food Buddies (2023) 2023
Get Rich 2023
Be My Favorite 2023
My Perfect Stranger 2023
Beyond the Common Ground (2023) 2023
Make a Wish 2023
Dangerous Romance 2023
No One Lies 2023
Shadow 2023-Running
Love Me Again 2023-Running
Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb 2024
Wandee Goodday 2024
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (Filipino) 2024-Running
Ploy's Yearbook 2024
The Outing 2024
Club Friday Season 16: Love Superstitions 2024
Kiseki Chapter 2 (2024) 2024-Running
Beauty Newbie 2024
Soaring to the Top 2024-Running
Kiseki Chapter 1 (2024) 2024-Running
My Love Mix-Up! (2024) 2024
Club Friday Season 15: Rak Raek Khrang Sut Thai TBA
Club Friday Season 15: Songkhram Kap Khwam Rak TBA
Club Friday Season 15: Rak Thae Chapho Thi TBA
Club Friday Season 15: Rak Ni Si Jang TBA
Game of Trust TBA
Warriors Within 2 TBA
Zung Jau Jat Faan TBA
Mou Jan Zi Ging TBA
Toi Bak Yan Zoi Heung Gong TBA
Three Destinies TBA
Cicada Cycle TBA
Margaret & David Tie TBA
Friendshit Forever TBA
The Heart Killers TBA
Leap Day TBA

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