Killing Procedures

Killing Procedures

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Basic Info
Drama Name Killing Procedures
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Saat Sau Fai J, Useless Assassin J,Sha Shou Fei J
Country of Origin Hong Kong Original Language Cantonese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 8 Episodes
Release Date February 06, 2023 End Date February 15, 2023
Broadcast Day Monday
Watch On Episode Duration 60 minutes
    Genres Drama
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    Synopsis of "Killing Procedures" 2023 Drama

    J operates as a freelance hitman, specializing in low-risk tasks such as terminating life support. He deliberately keeps his fees competitive. When approached by the head of a company that employs hitmen for a job, J recognizes the ploy of his employment being a mere marketing strategy. Fearlessly negotiating, he convinces the company to permit him to continue focusing on low-risk assignments. However, his tranquil existence takes an unexpected turn due to the actions of his colleagues.

    During a mission to eliminate a comatose patient, J faces a near-death experience when Jing, a fellow hitman with superhero ideals, becomes involved. In another assignment that was initially a cash transport job for an underground casino, J finds himself embroiled in a violent robbery. Upon voicing his grievances to the company, J is tasked with being the driver for a highly skilled hitman with numerous enemies. When he voices further discontent, the general manager assigns him the responsibility of training Chloe, an operator with no prior killing experience, to become a killer.