I Belonged to Your World

I Belonged to Your World

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Basic Info
Drama Name I Belonged to Your World
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Ta Kua Yue Shan Hai Er Lai
Country of Origin China Original Language Mandarin Chinese
Subtitle(s) Chinese, English No. of Episodes 20 Episodes
Release Date March 10, 2023 End Date March 10, 2023
Broadcast Day Friday
Watch On Episode Duration 35 minutes
    Genres Drama, Fantasy, Romance

    Synopsis of "I Belonged To Your World" Drama

    It tells the story of Qi Yue, who comes from a well-off family and has no ambition at all. She spends her time doing absolutely nothing. One day, her 25-year-old son, Qi Shuo, comes from the future and tells Qi Yue that she will have a bad marriage and a miserable life due to her "death-defying ability." To avoid this regret from happening, Qi Shuo travels back to help her rewrite her fate. When Qi Yue learns that her "future husband" is Lu Xiao, the school's straight-A student, she is forced to make an effort to improve herself in the face of the difference.

    Qi Shuo develops a "transformation plan," and under the supervision of her own son and her own effort, Qi Yue is admitted to the same university as Lu Xiao. There, she goes head-on with Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo takes the initiative to enter Lu Xiao's inner circle and becomes a helper to his mother. With cheekiness and gimmicks, she finally captures the heart of Lu Xiao