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Basic Info
Drama Name 23.5
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As 23.5 Degree the World Incline, 23 Point 5
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date March 08, 2024 End Date May 24, 2024
Broadcast Day Friday
Watch On Episode Duration ...
Genres Drama, Romance, Youth, LGBTQ
Drama Creators
  • Kanittha Kwunyoo
  • Sataporn Panichraksapong
  • Darapa Choeysanguan
  • Naphat Chitveerapat
  • Lalil Kittitanaphan
  • Nichaphat Buranadilok
  • Tanai Nimcharonepong
Music & Theme
  • ...

Synopsis and Storyline of 23.5 Series

The 23.5 Thai series story plot revolves around Ongsa, a loner who falls in love at first sight with the more popular Sun. However, there is a dread of being rejected. She chooses to contact her under a different name Earth, and as the Sun becomes increasingly interested in who Earth is and falls for her, will Ongsa expose herself to the Sun?

Where to Watch 23.5 in English Subtitles

23.5 series is presented by GMMTV (Thailand-based artist management and production company), and GMMTV mostly releases all their series on GMM 25 television network in Thailand as well as YouTube official channel named "GMMTV Officials". So, maybe this series will be available on both mentioned platforms to watch with English subtitles as well as other languages subtitles such as Thai subtitles, Korean subtitles, Japanese subtitles, Mandarin subtitles, etc.

Platforms To Watch "23.5" Series in Subtitles

Originally, the "23.5" Thai series was set to broadcast on the "GMM 25" television in Thailand and the "Netflix" platform for an international audience. Still, you cannot access "Netflix" without a subscription. Still, you can watch it on the GMMTV Official YouTube Channel with multiple languages and subtitles free of the cast. But maybe some audiences, especially international audiences, cannot access "iQiyi" without a subscription.

  • GMM 25
  • Netflix
  • GMMTV Official YouTube
  • Maybe Some Local Providers

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Komi Shin | February 27, 2024

Finally, after a long time duration the "23.5" series is releasing this year, I've been strongly waiting for this series since it was announced. I hope, watching this series is fun as usual watching other BL or GL series.


Jenny | February 27, 2024

Me To...!


M. Rain | February 27, 2024

The series casting looks good.