Zheng Xiao Dong

Zheng Xiao Dong

Personal And Professional Information

Personal Info
Full Name Zheng Xiao Dong Nick/Other Name Zheng Hao Yuan
Citizenship Chinese Born On (Date) June 30, 1983
Birth (Place) Longkou, Yantai, China Gender Male
Current Height 180 cm Current Weight 70 kg
Professional Info
Professions Actor, Media Proprietor, Television Personality
Actively Working 2005 - Present
Agencies (Work For)
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Higher Education Attended The Central Academy of Drama for Higher Education
Marital Status Single

Zheng Xiao Dong Wiki and Personal Lifestyle

Chinese actor Zheng Xiao Dong was born on 30 Jun 1983 in Longkou, Shandong, China in a Chinese family and he grew up with them.

Zheng Xiao Dong Education

Zheng Xiao Dong attended The Central Academy of Drama for higher education after completing his basic schooling.

Does Zheng Xiao Dong have a Girlfriend?

No, based on current data, Zheng Xiao Dong is not currently in a romantic relationship. Perhaps in the future, have a strong possibility he will establish a romantic relationship with someone.