Ireine Song

Ireine Song

Personal And Professional Information

Personal Info
Full Name Ireine Song Nick/Other Name 宋伊人
Citizenship Chinese Born On (Date) May 07, 1993
Birth (Place) Jinan, Shandong, China Gender Female
Current Height 160 cm Current Weight 36 kg
Professional Info
Professions Actress, Model, Television Personality
Actively Working 2015 - Present
Agencies (Work For)
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Higher Education Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy
Marital Status Single

Ireine Song Biography & Birth Details

Popular Chinese television and film actress Ireine Song (native name 宋伊人) was born on 7 May 1993 in Jinan, China. Actually, if we explore her full name then Song Yiren is her full family birth name and Ireine Song is her professional or stage name in the acting or show industry.

Ireine Song Acting Career

Ireine Song first made her appearance in the variety program "Day Day Up" in 2014. She officially made her acting debut as an actress through the film "Time to Love" (新步步惊心) in the role of Yu Tan which was released in 2015. In 2016, she made her television debut with the series "Nuwa Growth Diary" (女娲成长日记) as the role of Nuwa.

Ireine Song Career Breakthrough

In 2018, Ireine Song became hugely popular for her role as Sang Sang in the historical fantasy drama "Ever Night" and its sequel. In 2019, she also appeared in the youth sports drama "The Prince of Tennis" and the same year she also played the role in the fantasy romance drama "Flavor It's Yours" (source: Wikipedia).

Ireine Song's Current Net Worth

Because of Ireine Song's popularity and acting experience, she currently maintains a good net worth which made her one of the richest celebrities of her age. Her current net worth around $5 million dollars which is she earned through her acting career being a professional actress and model in the Chinese entertainment industries including television and films.

Currently, actress Ireine Song living a luxurious and very comfortable life, because of her hard work in the entertainment industry as well as her popularity in the show industry.

Movies & Short Films List

Film Name Role Name Released Year
The Headliner Unknown TBA