TV dramas have been done together by actor Luo Yunxi and actress Bai Lu

Chinese Actor Luo Yunxi

If talk about Luo Yunxi's acting history then firstly, he started his career as part of the three-member boy group JBOY3 with the single "Promise of Love" in 2010 and the group released its second single "Gravity" on 23 March 2011.

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Chinese Actress Bai Lu

Bai Lu started her acting career in 2016 as an actress in the series "Zhaoge", after signing a contract with Yu Zheng's entertainment company Huanyu Film. And since then she acted in many television drama series.

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TV Series Done Together by Luo Yunxi & Bai Lu

According to their fan following worldwide, audiences love to watch together on screen as screen couples and they really look very sweet as a couple. If we discussed the television dramas that are done together. So, according to 2023, there are two drama series are available done together by actor Luo Yunxi and actress Bai Lu.

Love Is Sweet (Chinese Drama)

Love Is Sweet drama follows the story of Jiang Jun, who has a double master's degree in Economics and Psychology, and applies for a job at an investment bank called MH, where Yuan Shuai, MH's executive director, who the alleged "big bully" of her childhood. Goes out of his way to prevent her from entering the company (source: Wikipedia)

Till The End Of The Moon (Chinese Drama)

Till The End Of The Moon drama follows the story of Li Susu, a daughter of Hengyang Sect's leader, who travels back 500 years as Ye Xiwu and is tasked with preventing the young Tantai Jin from becoming the Demon God.