Top 10 Best Cambodian BL Series All-Time

Top 10 Best Cambodian BL Series All-Time

The Most Popular Cambodian BL Series (2022, 2023)

There are many small and big production companies available in Cambodia. The Cambodian people have used the Khmer language which is Cambodia's official language. So, the entertainment industry released all dramas, series, and movies in the official language Khmer as well as most available in English subtitles.

  1. Interested to watch other countries' BL series then here is the List of the most popular Thai bl series of all time which was released from 2016-2022. The series is made with multiple genres including drama, school, romance, and many more.
  2. Here is another list of Thai BL series which are recently maybe released, ongoing, and upcoming series in 2023-2024.

And That Is You (2021)

Description of the And That's You Series

On February 28, 2021, the four-part romantic Cambodian BL series "And That Is You" was made available on YouTube. Honestly, there isn't a lot of information accessible right now regarding this series, but YouTube is the best place to watch it if you're interested.

Eye Contact | BL Series

Description of Eye Contact Series

Eye Contact is a Cambodian television romantic BL (Boys Lovers) series presented by Iconix Entertainment production company. Moreover, YouTube will broadcast it.

  1. If you're interested in watching GL (Girls Lover) series, here is a list of Thai GL series that have been aired, OR currently airing, OR are scheduled to be released in 2023-2024. Each series are listed with full details, including a summary, release date, and network where you can watch that.