Channel 3

Basic Details of Network

Network Name Channel 3 Country Thailand
Language Thai Network Type TV Channel
Headquater Maleenont Towers, Khlong Toei, Bangkok
  • Unknown
  • BEC World (1970-Present)
  • MCOT (1977-2020)

Tv Shows

TV Shows Year
Fai Luang (1998) 1998
Love Destiny 2018
Tra Barb See Chompoo 2018
Way Back Home 2018
Thong EK: The Herbal Master 2019
Hotel Stars 2019-2020
Gen Y 2020-2021
Watsana Rak 2020
Poisonous Passion 2020-2022
Paint With Love 2021-2022
Lovely Writer 2021
Switch On 2021-2022
Praomook 2021
Gen Y 2 2021-2022
Me Always You 2021
Sarb Sorn Ruk 2022
The Deadly Affair 2022
Secret Crush On You 2022
My Secret Love 2022
Love of Secret 2022
Remember Me 2022-2023
Rakkaew 2022
Coffee Melody 2022
Ai Long Nhai 2022-Running
Tie Me (K)not 2022
I Will Knock You 2022-2023
Raroeng Chon 2022
The Miracle of Teddy Bear 2022
Rivalry 2022
Sai Lub Lip Gloss 2022
Love Memories 2022-Running
Ruean That 2022-Running
Bad Romeo 2022
Love Forever After 2022
My Romance From Far Away 2022
A Cunning Destiny 2022
To My Puzzle Pieces 2022
The Kinnaree Conspiracy 2022-Running
My Sweet Assassin 2022
Makkali The Love Tree 2022
You Are My Make Up Artist 2022-Running
Gap 2022-2023
A Tale of Ylang Ylang 2022
My Friend the Enemy 2022
Chains of Heart 2023
Royal Doctor 2023-Running
Because of Love 2023-Running
Eclipse of the Heart 2023-Running
Devil in Law 2023-Running
Pong Lang Huk On Son 2023-Running
18 Mongkut Sadud Love 2023-Running
You Touched My Heart 2023
Tin Tam Jai 2023
Phon Cheewan TBA
The World of the Married TBA
Roy Lem Game Office TBA
Jaiphisut TBA
Dujapsorn TBA
Khwanruethai TBA
La-Ojan TBA
Aye, Khoi Huk Jao TBA
Game Gohng Game TBA
Luerd Chrao Phraya TBA
Rak Dai Rue Young TBA
Ubat Rak Ko Sawan TBA
Matalada TBA
We And Us TBA
Buddy Line Y Animal TBA
Heart by Heart TBA
Suptar 2550 TBA
Love at First Night TBA
Suep Lap Mo Rabat TBA
Payak Raai Sorn Laai TBA
Meu Prap Kratha Rua TBA
Nan Fah Chalalai TBA

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