Love Area Part 2

Love Area Part 2

Show Release Date, Time, Network & Creators

Basic Info
Drama Name Love Area Part 2
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Love Area: The Series Part 2
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 8 Episodes
Release Date January 15, 2022 End Date March 05, 2022
Broadcast Day Saturday
Watch On
Episode Duration 46 minutes
    Genres Romance, LGBTQ, Mini-Series, Workplace
    Drama Creators
    • Nattapat Sookwongsil
    • ...
    • Siwasit Phondongnok
    • ...
    Music & Theme

    Love Area Part 2 (Release Date & Network)

    Love Area Part 2 Thai BL series was released from 15th January 2022 to 5th March 2022 on the Channel 9 network in Thailand with a running time duration of approx 46 minutes per episode. It has the 8th episode in the second season of the series and also multiple leading couples.

    Love Area Part 2 (Series Production Companies)

    The second season of the Love Area Part Thai BL series Love Area Part 2 is developed & presented by Image Artist Entertainment, post-production by Somnuk Production, and distributed by GagaOOLala.

    Love Area Part 2 (Screenwriter, Director, Producer)

    Love Area Part 2 Thai BL series is made with help of multiple creators such as directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, creative artists, makeup artists, dress designers, cameramen, drone artists, assistants, and acting coaches.

    About some of the creator's details are mentioned here like the series directed & written by Nattapat Sookwongsil and produced by Siwasit Phondongnok under the Image Artist Entertainment production company.

    Love Area Part 2 (Series Genres)

    Love Area Part 2 Thai BL series has been made with the help of multiple varieties of genres such as Romance, Workplace, Relationship, Mini-Series, First Love, Gay Lead, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+, First Love, Café Setting, Painter, New Year's Eve, etc...

    Watch Love Area Part 2 English Subtitles

    Interested viewers can watch Love Area Part 2 series with English subtitles on the GagaOOLala - Find YourStory channel. Here they upload all episodes of the series with English subtitles. But due to some policy reasons, maybe in the territory or country viewers are not able to access this series.

    Love Area Part 2 | Story & Summary

    Love Area Part 2 Thai BL series follows the story of multiple couples who continues their love stories. Valen & Kaitoon start having feelings for each other after they spend time together at Valen's nanny’s house. Non is waiting for Kaitoon but Kaitoon has forgotten about their meeting. In another way, Valen develops feelings for Kaitoon and tries to change himself for Kaitoon. Ice has entered King’s life while King and Peat are making up, and the situation becomes more complicated.

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