7 Times 4 Days

7 Times 4 Days

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Basic Info
Drama Name 7 Times 4 Days
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Love Study Guide, คู่มือเรียน คู่มือเลิฟ, 7 Times 4 Days (Thai BL Series)
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English, Korean No. of Episodes ...
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    Genres Drama, Romance, LGBTQ

    Synopsis & Storyline of "7 Times 4 Days"

    7 Times 4 Day series follows the story of Won, a 27-year-old Korean teacher, who comes to live with his mother's friend Tle and her son Bonzai as part of a teacher exchange program to complete his teaching certification.

    Bonzai, an 18-year-old high school student, is a loner. The two men are diametrically opposed and cannot resist becoming roommates with each other.