Sinister Beings Season 2

Sinister Beings Season 2

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Basic Info
Drama Name Sinister Beings Season 2
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Sinister Beings 2, Ni Tian Qi An 2, Yik Tin Kei On 2
Country of Origin Hong Kong Original Language Chinese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 30 Episodes
Release Date TBA End Date ...
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    Genres Drama
    Drama Creators
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    Synopsis & Storyline of Sinister Beings Season 2

    It comes after the trial of the true tiger killer, Le Fu Fa. Dry exploration Jun Sen and Wei Li are still solving strange cases. The two were investigating a major case involving an international serial murderer who was terrorizing Hong Kong. They successfully solved the case by using supercomputers to follow down clues on the Internet, but they were surprised to learn that Zi Le had transmitted encrypted messages and a large sum of encrypted cash to the dark web before his arrest, which was blatantly concealed.

    Immediately following that, a mysterious guy emerged in Hong Kong, intending large-scale damage, and the mysterious guy was linked to the picture of Zi Le. Jun Sen and Wei Li must decipher the message completely as soon as possible, and at the same time they must wrestle with the mysterious guy, and the ending will be reversed and reversed.