Becky Armstrong

Nickname, Height, Weight, Education, Active Status

Full Name Becky Armstrong Other Name Rebecca Patricia Armstrong
Citizenship Thai Date of Birth December 05, 2002
Birthplace Thailand Gender Female
Height 165 cm Weight 48 kg
Occupations Actress, Model, Singer
Active Years 2020 - Present
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Education Graduation from Shrewbury International school
Marital Status Single

Full Biography of Becky Armstrong

Thai television actress Becky Armstrong was born on 5 December 2002 in Thailand, She is half Thai and half British. Actually, Her mother is Thai and her father is British.

Work Experience & Education of Becky Armstrong

Becky Armstrong is active in the Thai television entertainment industry as an actress and she has done more than two projects. She is currently studying at Shrewbury International school according to 2022-2023.

Current Net Worth of Becky Armstrong

Becky Armstrong started her acting career in 2020 with the popular bl series "TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love" in a supporting role. In 2022, she got her first major leading role in the Series "GAP" that's why she is currently mentioning a good net worth as well as her net worth will increase in the upcoming years. According to our data record, her current net worth is around $10,000 to $1 million (approximately).