War of Y

War of Y

Show Release Date, Time, Network & Creators

Basic Info
Drama Name War of Y
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As War of Y: The Series
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 20 Episodes
Release Date August 02, 2022 End Date December 13, 2022
Broadcast Day Tuesday
Watch On Episode Duration 45 minutes
    Genres Drama, Psychological, Romance, LGBTQ
    Drama Creators
    Directors Producers
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    Screenwriters Editors
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    Music & Theme
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    War of Y Series Release Date, Time & Network

    War of Y (2022) Thai television BL series was released from 2nd August 2022 to 13th December 2022 on the AIS Play OTT platform in Thailand at 21:00 PM with a running time duration of approximately 45 to 53 minutes per episode.

    War Of Y Series Production, Creators & Genres

    created and introduced by Copy A Bangkok Thai creation production company and officially it was broadcast on the AIS Play network.

    About War Of Y series creators, it is created or makers, it is made with the assistance of different makers like it is directed by Thanamin Wongskulphat and written by Teerapat Lohanan & Tanachot Prapasri (As Screen Writers).

    Indeed, Even there are numerous different makers, who help to make it amazing like assistant directors, assistant producers, composers & theme singers, creative artists, costume designers, cosmetics craftsmen, cameramen, drone craftsmen, acting mentors, and some more.

    Romance, Entertainment Industry, Psychological, Drama, Multiple Leading Roles, Gay Romance, and LGBTQ+ are the genres of the War Of Y (2022) series. Genres are significant for each film and TV series to recognize the user's watch interest.

    watch War Of Y Series English sub

    As previously noted, the War Of Y (2022) television series was officially released on the AIS Play web network. However, after its release, viewers wanted to watch it with English subtitles, then once visit the AIS Play OTT platform's official site and watch it.

    There are also some providers that offer this series in several language subtitles in addition to English subtitles for all Asian television shows. But not sure whether the provider sites are secured to watch or not.

    War Of Y Series Storyline & Summary

    War of Y series follows the story of the real conflict isn't weapons, however, for individuals. This is a portrayal of the sensation of a conflict seething with clever, hatred, and selling out. It is partitioned into four anecdotes about battles inside media outlets.

    Story 1: New Ship

    Before the boat, it was difficult. Be that as it may, this new time is significantly more diligently.

    Story 2: War of Managers

    The tale of a sent couple who is secretly a real couple. Managers and show conflict until the couple is compelled to isolate.

    Story 3: Y-Idol

    A reality look for new entertainers who can sing, dance, and act and the confusion of the Idol Camp.

    Story 4: Wife

    When one-half of a two or three has a spouse, will their future in this industry be demolished?

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