My Unexpected Roommate

My Unexpected Roommate

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Basic Info
Drama Name My Unexpected Roommate
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As 我的意外室友, Wo De Yi Wai Shi You, Wo Te I Wai Shih Yu
Country of Origin Taiwan Original Language Chinese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 8 Episodes
Release Date June 23, 2024 End Date August 04, 2024
Broadcast Day Sunday
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Episode Duration 45-70 minutes
    Genres Drama, Comedy

    Synopsis of My Unexpected Roommate

    It follows the story of Fang You Cheng and Li Qing Yi, a young couple in their 30s who longed to buy a house, get married, and have children. They met Lin Li Chun, an arrogant lady in her 60s who had never been married. Due to an accident, the three became landlords and tenants.

    At first, they lived a chaotic and incompatible cohabitation life. After living together, they gradually got to know each other, participated in each other's life circles, and became inseparable roommates with a relationship that was better than that of family members.