Oh! My Sunshine Night

Oh! My Sunshine Night

Drama Release Date, Time, and Networks

Basic Info
Drama Name Oh! My Sunshine Night
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Love at 9
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 16 Episodes
Release Date July 04, 2022 End Date October 03, 2022
Broadcast Day Monday
Watch On
Episode Duration 56minutes
    Genres Drama, Friendship, Music, Romance, LGBTQ

    Oh! My Sunshine Night | Release Date, Time & Network

    Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) Thai television musical series was released from 4th July 2022 to 3rd October 2022 on web network AIS Play at 19:00 PM every Monday with approximately 56 minutes of running time duration per episode.

    Oh! My Sunshine Night | Production Company & Makers

    Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) Thai series is presented and developed by the "Newsinfinity Entertainment" production company and as referred upper it was officially broadcast on AIS Play original web network.

    About Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) series makers, it made with the help of multiple makers like directors, producers, writers, and many more makers assistance. This particular series is directed and written by Ongart Singlumpong and about other makers right now have insufficient information, will re-update soon.

    Oh! My Sunshine Night | Series Genres

    Thai series Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) is made with the combination of multiple genres such as Romance, Gay Romance, Music, Classical Music, Youth, Guitarist Male, Cellist Male, Brothers' Relationship, Family Conflict, Introverted Lead, and LGBTQ+.

    Oh! My Sunshine Night | Storyline & Summary

    Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) Thai series follow the story of two brothers Rain and Khim, who have a place with the land Kannakool family. Rain is a 4th-year student who is friendly and totally different from his younger brother, Khim, a 3rd-year student who is calm, quiet, and independent. The two siblings have a friend Phayu who is a bodyguard and the son of the Kannakool family's head servant.

    Khim changes when he meets Sun, who is only a student from another school at the college. Sun is a hopeful individual that loves playing the guitar yet was brought into the world with heart disease. A decent relationship structures between Khim and Sun in the classical music club yet misunderstandings, rivalries, and family problems await them in the near future.

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