Qing Si Jue

Qing Si Jue

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Basic Info
Drama Name Qing Si Jue
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Green Silk Tips, Qingsi Jue, 青絲訣
Country of Origin China Original Language Mandarin Chinese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 30 Episodes
Release Date TBA End Date ...
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    Genres Drama, Action, Wuxia

    Synopsis And Storyline of Qing Si Jue

    It follows the story of Yin Sai Er, who is sweet and cute in appearance but also brave and strong. Cheng Feng is simple and upright, Yin Qiao Er, who is immortal and jade-colored but has a rough life, and Yin Wu Cai who is pure and weak.

    They will experience the bloody storms, misunderstandings, and disputes together, and gradually understand that they should trust each other; no matter what difficulties and obstacles they encounter, they must walk side by side and discover the true meaning of love.