Do You Want to Marry Me?

Do You Want to Marry Me?

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Drama Name Do You Want to Marry Me?
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Passing By, Guo Ke Cong Cong
Country of Origin China Original Language Mandarin Chinese
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    Genres Drama, Life, Romance
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    Synopsis Of "Do You Want to Marry Me?"

    It follows the story of Shen An Ruo wants to get married upon graduation but her boyfriend breaks up with her on the day of her graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, Cheng Shao Chen wants to focus on starting his own business but is constantly pressured by his parents to get married. The two of them meet at a wine party, and somehow accidentally find themselves getting married.

    The two of them wanted to resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible, but because of their respective problems, has no choice but to maintain the current arrangement. Upon agreement, they become a "contractual couple" for three months. However as time passes by, they experience unique incidents together and begin to fall in love.