The Woman Who Plays

The Woman Who Plays

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Basic Info
Drama Name The Woman Who Plays
Show Type Drama
Also Known As 놀아주는 여자, The Playing Woman
Country of Origin South Korea Original Language Korean
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 16 Episodes
Release Date June 12, 2024 End Date August 01, 2024
Broadcast Day Wednesday, Thursday
Watch On Episode Duration 1 hr. 10 minutes
    Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance

    Synopsis And Storyline of The Woman Who Plays

    It follows the story of Seo Ji Hwan, a former gangster, who embarks on a journey to leave his troubled past behind. Traveling across Korea, he dismantles criminal organizations and offers a fresh start to ex-convicts. Along the way, he reconnects with Go Eun Ha, his childhood friend and now a beloved kids' content creator.

    Eun Ha known as mini sister to her young audience, radiates warmth and positivity in her videos, drawing inspiration from her cherished memories of Ji Hwan, her only childhood playmate, and protector.