Kashimashi Meshi

Kashimashi Meshi

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Basic Info
Drama Name Kashimashi Meshi
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Kashi Mashi Meshi, かしましめし
Country of Origin Japan Original Language Japanese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 8 Episodes
Release Date April 10, 2023 End Date May 29, 2023
Broadcast Day Monday
Watch On Episode Duration 49 minutes
    Genres Drama, Food, Life, LGBTQ
    Drama Creators
    • Matsumoto Kana
    • Fukuda Momoko
    • ...
    • Tamada Shinya
    • ...
    Music & Theme
    • ...

    Synopsis of "Kashimashi Meshi" Series

    It tells the story of A man who killed himself. Due to his death, three of his former classmates from art school, reunite for the first time in a long while. These three people have connections to the man in different ways, including his ex-girlfriend, the manager of a rugby club where the man played, and his ex-boyfriend. While struggling with their own lives, these three people begin to meet and have meals together.

    Oda Chiharu worked as a designer for a company she had long coveted to work for, but, due to bullying by her boss, she quit her job. She finds pleasure in cooking and serving her food to other people. When she is alone, she often eats food from the convenience store.