A Business Proposal (2022)

A Business Proposal (2022)

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Basic Info
Drama Name A Business Proposal (2022)
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Meet the Man, In-House Confrontation, Confrontation in the Company
Country of Origin South Korea Original Language Korean
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date February 28, 2022 End Date April 05, 2022
Broadcast Day Monday, Tuesday
Watch On Episode Duration 60 minutes
    Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance, Workplace

    Synopsis of "A Business Proposal" Series

    It follows the story of Shin Ha Ri, a single woman who works for a company. She has a male friend whom she has had a crush on for a long time but she learns he has a girlfriend. Shin Ha Ri feels sad and decides to meet her friend Jin Young Seo, who is a daughter of a chaebol family.

    Jin Young Seo then asks Shin Ha Ri to take her place on a blind date and even offers some money for her time. Shin Ha Ri accepts her friend's offer. She goes out on a blind date as Jin Young Seo while having the intention of getting rejected by her date. When she sees her blind date, Shin Ha Ri is dumbfounded. Her blind date is Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of the company where she works.