City of Desire

City of Desire

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Basic Info
Drama Name City of Desire
Show Type Drama
Also Known As Yu Wang Zhi Cheng, 欲望之城
Country of Origin China Original Language Mandarin Chinese
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 45 Episodes
Release Date TBA End Date ...
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Episode Duration 42 minutes
    Genres Drama, Romance, Workplace, Age Gap

    Synopsis Of "City Of Desire" Chinese Drama

    It tells the story of a man dealing with anxiety and depression after a painful divorce who manages to find warmth when he least expects it and it reignites his passion for life.

    Qiao Na aborts her own baby which leaves her husband Jiang Nian Hua in shambles. After getting divorced, Nian Hua accumulates much wealth through sheer determination and hard work but he isn't able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he is diagnosed with severe depression.