Red Peafowl

Red Peafowl

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Drama Name Red Peafowl
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Nok Yung Daeng, Red Peafowl the Series
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English, Thai No. of Episodes ...
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    Genres Drama, Action, Romance, LGBTQ
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    Synopsis Of "Red Peafowl" Thai Series

    Red Peafowl series follows the story of Lu Yi Peng, who graduated from the Royal Hong Kong Police Cadet School with first-class honors. He made many accomplishments in his first year in the service, behind the mission that earned him his reputation, however, Lu Yi Peng has something to hide.

    A psycho mafioso who calls himself Hong Kong Que literally, Red Peafowl likes to ask for a look at the red peafowl scar on Yi Peng's thigh, a gift from that one mission. He would be supplied with a strange drug, forcing him into a physical relationship with the change in feelings it wrought. Yi Peng seethes and doesn't tell anyone. He doesn't know from where this karma comes but Yi Peng finds himself losing to Hong Kong Que every time. He vows, however, to one day put the man behind bars.