Unforgotten Night

Unforgotten Night

Show Release Date, Time, Network & Creators

Basic Info
Drama Name Unforgotten Night
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Rai Nak Na Rak Khong Mafia
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date June 22, 2022 End Date September 07, 2022
Broadcast Day Wednesday
Watch On Episode Duration 45-60 minutes
    Genres Drama, Romance, LGBTQ
    Drama Creators
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    Music & Theme
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    Unforgotten Night Series Release Date, Time & Network

    Unforgotten Night (2022) Thai television BL series was released from 22nd June 2022 to 17th September 2022 on the GMM 25 original broadcast network in Thailand as well as GagaOOLala web network at 23:00 every Wednesday with a running time duration of approximately 45 to 60 minutes per episode.

    Unforgotten Night Series Production, Creators & Genres

    Thai popular Unforgotten Night (2022) television bl series is created and introduced by the Thai creation production company "Y Entertainment" and officially it was broadcast on the GMM 25 original network as mentioned upper.

    About Unforgotten Night series creators or makers, it is made with the assistance of different makers or creators, however, there are now insufficient details, will refresh again it.

    In fact, there are many various creators who contribute to making it perfect including assistant producers, assistant directors, composers, theme singers, creative artists, costume designers, cosmetics artisans, camera operators, drone operators, acting coaches, and others.

    The Unforgotten Night (2022) series is made under the following genres: Romance, Drama, Gangster Lead, Age Gap, Gay Romance, Lesbian Romance, LGBTQ+, Mafia, Adapted From A Web Novel, etc.

    Watch Unforgotten Night Series English Sub

    As previously mentioned, the Unforgotten Night (2022) television bl series was officially released on the GMM 25 original network. However, after its release, viewers wanted to watch it with English subtitles, then once visit the GagaOOLala official site here all the episodes of the series are available

    Unforgotten Night Series Storyline & Summary

    Unforgotten Night series follows the narrative of Kim who required somebody to embrace his body for only one evening. It's the main night to understand what your actual requirements are. What's more, it was the night that made the mafia "Kamol" not have any desire to allow Kim to have a place with anybody.

    Kim, a 25-year-old office laborer, has been in uneven love with his senior, Day, for quite a while. To disregard him and continue on, he chooses to have one end table with an irregular more interesting one he met at the bar. What he didn't know was the outsider would begin preferring him to the final turning point.

    Kamol, a 30-year-old mafia has some extraordinary requirements in bed thus he continues to switch accomplices however nobody can fulfill him. One night he meets Kim, who impeccably addresses his issues. Right at that point, Kamol chose to make the man his own and begins seeking after him.

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