Good Old Days

Good Old Days

Drama Release Date, Time, and Networks

Basic Info
Drama Name Good Old Days
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Shop of Memories
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date August 10, 2022 End Date September 15, 2022
Broadcast Day Wednesday, Thursday
Watch On Episode Duration 48 minutes
Genres Drama, Friendship, Romance, Marriage, Mini-Series

Good Old Days | Released Date, Time & Network

Thai popular series "Good Old Days" television drama series was released between 10th August 2022 to 15th September 2022 every Wednesday and Thursday with approximately 48 to 60 minutes running time durations per episode. It was officially broadcast on Thai's popular network GMM 25 in Thailand's official language Thai.

Good Old Days | Watch English Subtitles

As mentioned, the "Good Old Days" (2022) Thai tv drama series was officially released on GMM 25 network in the official language Thai. But if the viewers are interested to watch it with English subtitles then currently, all released episodes of the Good Old Day series are available on the Youtube channel of GMMTV Official as well as the web network Disney+ Hotstar.

Good Old Days | Production & Creators

"Good Old Days" television drama series is made with the help of multiple creators or makers such as director, producer, screenwriter, composer, editor, singer, cinematographer, photographer, makeup artist, designer, and many more creators.

Creators of this particular drama series, it is directed by Waasuthep Ketpetch & Pattaraporn Werasakwong, and the screen is written by multiples screenwriter such as Methus Sirinawin, Kannika Tovaranonte, Waneepan Ounphoklang & Supalerk Ningsanon. Actually, full is mentioned in the upper table about series creators then check it out for more understanding.

Good Old Days | Series Genres

"Good Old Days" (2022) series has made with multiple verities of genres like Romance, Family, Drama, Friendship, Heartbreak, Regret, Flashback to past, Return to hometown, Antiques, Anthology, Childhood friend relationship, Gay lead, and Chasing a dream.

Good Old Days | storyline & summary

Good Old Days Thai television drama series follows the story of an antique shop and the six stories about memories, love, dreams, and separation:

  1. Bond And Relationship
  2. Memory of Happiness
  3. Road To Regret
  4. Our Soundtrack
  5. Love Wins
  6. Somewhere Only We Belong

Each item in an antique shop has a valuable story behind them. People who sell their belongings here can reminisce on their lives and buyers see their value hidden within.

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