Vice Versa

Vice Versa

Drama Release Date, Time, and Networks

Basic Info
Drama Name Vice Versa
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Rak Salap Lok
Country of Origin Thailand Original Language Thai
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date July 16, 2022 End Date October 01, 2022
Broadcast Day Saturday
Watch On Episode Duration 55 minutes
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Romance, Youth, LGBTQ

Vice Versa | Release Date & Network

Vice Versa (2022) Thai television BL was released on 16th July 2022 on Thai's popular television network GMM 25 at 20:30 PM every Saturday. As mentioned, it is presented by GMMTV that's why it is also available on GMMTV's Official YouTube channel.

Vice Versa | Production, Creators & Genres

Thai bl series Vice Versa television series is developed and presented by GMMTV which is a Thai popular production company.

And it is created with the help of multiple creators as it is directed by Nuttapong Mongkolsawas and written by Pratchaya Thavornthummarut, Pongsate Lucksameepong & Nichakorn Pairachwatin (As Screen Writers).

Even there are many other creators, who help to make it perfect like assistant directors, assistant producers, composers & theme singers, creative artists, costume designers,  makeup artists, cameramen, drone artists, acting coaches, and many more.

It has been made with multiple varieties of genres such as Romance, Body Swap, Drama, Youth, Fantasy, Hidden Identity, Alternate Universe, LGBTQ+, Friends To Lovers, Transmigration, Gay Male, Gay Romance, Adapted From A Novel, etc.

Vice Versa | Series Storyline & Summary

Vice Versa Thai bl series follows the story of Talay and Puen, who find themselves in the bodies of strangers in a parallel universe. After an accident, Talay wakes up in the body of a man named Tess another way Puen a famous actor now in the body of Tun.

They have to live their lives in a new universe that is not their home and they might even be each other's port-keys which can help them to return to where they came from once they have completed what they hope to achieve.

Phuwadol is a male nurse who helps people from the same universe they left behind to guide them through life in this new universe. Now they have a mission to fulfill and they are assisted by their pals Kita & Fuse, and Friend Credits members Up & Aou.

Where To Watch Vice Versa (English Subtitles)

The Vice Versa television series was officially released on GMM 25 network in Thailand but the viewers want to watch it with English subtitles after releasing it, then currently, all the episodes are available on the GMMTV Official youtube channel with multiple language subtitles. Including language subtitles like English, Korean, Italian, Chinese, French, etc.

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