Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump

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Basic Info
Drama Name Doctor Slump
Show Type Drama
Also Known As 닥터슬럼프, Dr. Slump, Dakteoseulleompeu
Country of Origin South Korea Original Language Korean
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 16 Episodes
Release Date January 27, 2024 End Date March 17, 2024
Broadcast Day Saturday, Sunday
Watch On Episode Duration 1 hr. 30 minutes
    Genres Drama, Comedy, Medical, Romance
    Drama Creators
    • Oh Hyun Jong
    • ...
    • Baek Sun Woo
    • ...
    Music & Theme
    • Kim Joon Seok

    Synopsis of Doctor Slump K-Drama

    It follows the story of Yeo Jeong Woo, who consistently ranked first in academics and attended the leading medical school in the country during his school years. Becoming a renowned plastic surgeon, his life unfolded smoothly until a mysterious medical incident pushed him to the brink. It is during this challenging period that he encounters Nam Ha Neul, his former rival.

    Nam Ha Neul, employed as an anesthesiologist, gained a reputation for her exceptional intelligence during her upbringing. Devoting herself to rigorous studies, she achieved her dream of becoming a doctor, but her life revolved solely around work and academics, devoid of any leisure. Realizing her dissatisfaction with this routine, Ha Neul yearns for change. It is during this pivotal moment that she crosses paths with Jeong Woo, and amidst their shared struggles, a romantic relationship blossoms, offering comfort and solace to both.