All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead

Show Release Date, Time, Network & Creators

Basic Info
Drama Name All of Us Are Dead
Show Type Tv Series
Also Known As Now at Our School, 지금 우리 학교는
Country of Origin South Korea Original Language Korean
Subtitle(s) English No. of Episodes 12 Episodes
Release Date January 28, 2022 End Date January 28, 2022
Broadcast Day Friday
Watch On Episode Duration 54–72 minutes
    Genres Drama, Horror, School, Youth, Zombies
    Drama Creators
    Directors Producers
    Screenwriters Editors
    • Shin Min-kyung
    Music & Theme
    • Lee Sung-hyun

    All of us are dead, Confirmed Release Date

    Officially, one of the popular Korean Netflix "All of Us Are Dead" was released on 28 Jan 2022 in the original language of Korean but now it is also available with English subtitles (maybe more than two languages subtitles for international audiences).

    Production Companies

    More than two production companies have produced the "All of Us Are Dead" web series such as Film Monster by JTBC Studios, and Kim Jong-Hak Production.

    Series Creators (Creators, Based On)

    About "All of Us Are Dead" web series creators, there are multiple creators who give their time and creative effort to make it perfect such as Chun Sung-il, Lee Jae-Kyoo, and Kim Nam-Su. It is based on the "Now at Our School" webtoon as mentioned.

    Screen Writers & Directors

    "All of Us Are Dead" web series was directed by Lee Jae-Kyoo & Kim Nam-Su and written by Chun Sung-il. Actually, both the directors and writers are also the series creators as well.

    All of us are dead | genres

    "All of Us Are Dead" web series has multiple genres such as Coming-of-age, Horror, Zombie apocalypse, School, Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Survival, Death, Gore, Virus, Slight Romance, Suspense, etc.

    Watch with English subtitles

    Currently, all episodes of the "All of Us Are Dead" web series are available on the Netflix network with English subtitles. Actually, Netflix is a paid ott platform that provides content related to entertainment including tv series, dramas, web series, tv shows, movies, and other entertainment content around all over the world. But it is not a free platform, it gives to access content only to subscribed users (because it's subscription-based).

    Story Plot & Synopsis, of The series

    The series follows the story of Hyosan High and Lee Byeong-Chan (South Korean actor Kim Byung-Chul) a science teacher at Hyosan High who initially worked as a researcher at a pharmaceutical company but because of a failed science experiment, he created a virus.

    The school is outbreak by a zombie virus after the failed experiment by scientist Lee Byeong-Chan. After this failed science experiment local high school is overrun with zombies and all trapped students struggle to survive without food, water, and communication cut off by the government. They must fight and use the equipment around the school to protect themselves & find their way out.

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