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Movie Name Haqeeqat
Also Known As Reality, Haqeeqat (1995 film)
Country of Origin India Language Hindi
Released Date December 29, 1995 Duration 2 hr. 46 minutes
Subtitle(s) English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu
    Genres Drama, Action
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    Synopsis Of "Haqeeqat"

    It follows Shiva a hitman working for a gangster Anna. One day Anna receives a contract from Bhajan Singh, a corrupt politician, to kill the Chief Minister of the state. Anna puts Shiva on the job. Shiva manages to shoot the CM but the CM doesn't die. While escaping from the scene, Shiva inadvertently kills a man. This incident disturbs Shiva who tells Anna to compensate the dead man's family with money.

    On Anna's instructions, Shiva escapes to Mumbai under the alias Ajay. While on the train, Ajay meets a kind-hearted man called Shivcharan and saves his family from being attacked by some assassins. Shivcharan then reveals that he is a policeman and hence it must have been some enemy trying to get revenge.