Farman Haider

Farman Haider

Personal And Professional Information

Personal Info
Full Name Farman Haider Nick/Other Name ...
Citizenship Indian Born On (Date) January 01, 1997
Birth (Place) Mumbai, Maharashtra Gender Male
Current Height 175 cm Current Weight 76 kg
Professional Info
Professions Actor, Television Personality
Actively Working 2017 - Present
Agencies (Work For)
  • ...
Higher Education Graduation in B.COM Honors and L.L.B
Marital Status Single

Farman Haider | Biography, Birth Place & Date

Farman Haider was born on 1st January 1997 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India but raised in Moradabad, India. About his acting career, he was cast in various television series before starting his acting career officially.

Officially, He made his acting career debut with the television series Rakshabandhan... Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal in 2021 and since then active. Recently he was cast in the tv series "Saavi Ki Savaari" in a leading role.