Chayatorn Trairattanapradit

Age, Height, Weight, Education, Family, Relationship

Personal Info
Full Name Chayatorn Trairattanapradit Nick/Other Name Tui, ตุ้ย ชยธร
Citizenship Thai Born On (Date) March 24, 2004
Birth (Place) Bangkok, Thailand Gender Male
Current Height 175 cm Current Weight 65 kg
Professional Info
Professions Actor, Dancer, Singer, Television Personality
Actively Working 2023 - Present
Agencies (Work For)
Higher Education Studies broadcasting at Bangkok University
Marital Status Single

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit, Wiki & Birth Details

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit was born on 24 March 2004 in Thailand. He is also known by other names Chayathon Trairattanapradit, Tui LYKN, ตุ้ย ไลแคน, and Thai name ตุ้ย ชยธร ไตรรัตนประดิษฐ์.

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit, Schooling & University Education

For basic education, Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit attended Bangkok University, where studied broadcasting.

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit, Girlfriend & Relationship

Thai singer Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit is currently single and he is not in any romantic relationship with someone.

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit, Career (Singer, Drummer, Actor)

Tui Chayatorn Trairattanapradit his acting debut in 2023 then he signed a contract with GMMTV (จีเอ็มเอ็มทีวี) working as an artist.

LYKN's group debut single "เลิกกับเขาเดี๋ยวเหงาเป็นเพื่อน (May I?)" premiered on 5 May 2023. In 2024, he assisted in writing Win Metawin's "Night Ride" (ดึกมากแล้ว), also providing backing vocals on the track.