Personal And Professional Information

Personal Info
Full Name Drake Nick/Other Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Citizenship Canadian Born On (Date) October 24, 1986
Birth (Place) Toronto, Ontario, Canada Gender Male
Current Height 183 cm Current Weight 89 kg
Professional Info
Professions Actor, Businessman, Rapper, Singer, Song Writer
Actively Working 2001 - Present
Agencies (Work For)
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Higher Education Attended Vaughan Road Academy in Toronto
Marital Status Single

Current Net Worth of Drake in 2023-2024

Drake is one of the wealthiest celebrities and has best known all around the world for his exceptional singing and rapping. He has earned enormous wealth through his music career, as well as he has also earned money via his acting career. If talk about Drake's current net worth in 2023, he is currently maintaining approximately $260 Million USD dollars that's made him one of the big and most successful Personalities in Canada.