Basic Details of Agency

Agency Name BvLgari
Type Private Website
Industry Jewelers, Lifestyles Founded 01 January 1884
Headquater Rome, Italy
  • Sotirios Voulgaris
  • LVMH (1884-Present)

History of Bvlgari Brands

According to Wikipedia, The trademark is usually written BVLGARI in the classical Latin alphabet, and it is derived from the surname of the company's founder, Sotirios Voulgaris. Voulgaris is a Greek surname with a loose translation meaning "Bulgarian".

Foundation Of BvLgari Brands

Currently, BvLgari brand is a part of the LVMH Group, which was founded in the region of Epirus Greece in 1884 by the silversmith Sotirios Boulgaris as a single jewelry shop that has over the years become an international brand. The company has evolved into a player in the luxury market, with an established and growing network of stores.